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Yoga at Home

With lockdowns and uncertainty continuing to interrupt our daily lives, now is the time to start practicing yoga at home.

Attending a yoga class once or twice a week is the best way to start. This can help you to get your to know the poses and start to understand when your position needs adjustment. You'll also learn the basic's of yoga and get to know your body better. This is a good start.

While going to classes in person is restricted, you can find apps to follow or try live online classes to help get you started. 

Practicing alone can be tricky, knowing if you have the right pose, or feeling the stretch in the right place. Joining a live class can help you to stick to your routine. We recently joined a live online class with Karen Tuisamoa

Karen is a passionate yoga teacher who has been teaching and practicing yoga for approximately 10 years. She has accumulated over 600 hours in yoga teacher training in Australia and India in various styles of yoga.

Karen's personal interest and exploration with yoga practice initially began with physical benefits. She then experienced the power of the therapeutic benefits of yoga which helped her lower back and sciatica issues. But it was the philosophy that has helped Karen change the way she thinks and lives.

Karen experienced how stress and anxiety can break down our body systems and decided to take her health and wellness into her own hands. She improved her health condition through leading intentional lifestyle changes and using yoga, mindfulness, and meditation as tools to manage and regulate stress and anxiety.

Karen takes a holistic approach to teaching the totality of yoga, meditation and conscious psychology for overall balanced health and wellbeing. She believes modern day yoga, mindfulness and holistic health is an invaluable tool to steer through modern day life, to help you develop and grow through all aspects of life and its many challenges.



Karen was kind enough to share some of her favourite recordings with us for you to try here;


I found Karen's class was at a good level. I was trying to restart my routine after a break from Yoga. I was a little tired of the apps. Karen was able to tailor the class for beginners to intermediate. Her calm voice lead me through the poses and reminded me where to feel the stretch and extend my practice gently.

In addition to yoga, Karen offers guided meditation classes in her facebook group Inner Focus Yoga Online. These classes are a great opportunity to focus on your health and wellness, pick up a new hobby and have fun.

If you've never tried yoga or meditation at home or you want to re-invigorate your practice, try joining a live online class. We highly recommend Karen's facebook group. If you'd like to give it a try, you can join here.

Alternatively search for "beginners yoga" classes on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and you are sure to find a class to suit your timetable.

If you are in of a need a yoga mat we did our research and have found a range of biodegradable and compostable Yoga mats here

P.S. We love sharing our great finds with our Sleep Boss Community, if you'd like to contribute some of your's please email us here.

Update: 22 October 2021


Summer Retreat - Yanada - Inner Focus


Our wellness retreat is more than a time to relax, restore and connect to nature... you will also realign and transform from the inside out. This Inner Focus retreat is designed to bring your life back into balance - Mind Body and Spirit. You will set foundations that encourage a balanced life and will lead you on the right track to healing. 

This amazing journey begins on Friday 14 January 2022 until Sunday 16 January 2022 
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