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It is often difficult to let go of the thoughts of the day and this can lead to poor quality sleep.


Practicing mindfulness through meditation or other techniques improves both mental and physical health and can alleviate anxiety.

Anxiety can often lead to overthinking. Situations where you cannot stop considering something keep your mind awake and can delay the natural sleep cycle.

If you're having trouble switching off those thoughts, try this mindfulness excercise;

Think of a cloud in the sky, with all that energy swirling around.

As you rest, the cloud moves and flows with the wind gently revealing its message.

Think of yourself as a cloud, and every droplet of water it contains as a thought.

In this way, watch as each and every thought as it ebbs and flows In the sky.

If you are feeling anxious, do not force yourself to calm down; let it happen slowly and organically.

After a minute or so, bring your attention to the breath in the body.

Choose one spot where the breath is felt easily.
It may be the center of your chest, the abdomen, the shoulders, or the nostrils.

Observe the sensation of your body breathing.

Observing the breath for a few minutes, bring the mind back If it wanders.

Find your cloud, and as thoughts begin to rise up, let them go to the cloud, observe as you slowly settle down.

After a couple of minutes of focusing on the breath, open your awareness to include your thoughts and your general wellness state. Has it changed?

When you recognise a thought, what happens?

Try not to encourage the thought, but don’t push it away, either.

Allow it to be, and allow it to go on its own, ebbing and flowing.

Take deep measured breaths.

Slowly let the thoughts ebb away, for tomorrows concern.

For now it's time to sleep.


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