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The Sleep Boss

At The Sleep Boss, we're passionate about helping you achieve the kind of sleep that can change your world.

We know that when you're well-rested, you're at your best.

You can reflect, dream, and focus on your hopes and aspirations effortlessly.

That's why we offer a range of natural sleep aids and relaxation solutions to help you get on the path to a restful night's sleep.

From our organic sleep teas, essential oils, diffusers, bath soaks to our yoga range, we've got every natural sleep remedy at your fingertips.

Peruse through our products, and let's help you make your dreams come true today!

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About Us

The Sleep Boss is paving the way as the leading natural sleep aid company in Australia, starting the movement towards better sleep, wellness, and sustainability.

While dietary supplements and melatonin supplements are the favourite choices for sleep medicine, relaxing rituals such as yoga, meditation, resilience, and mindfulness practices can work wonders for your sleep problems.

Our passion for restorative sleep drives us to use only the finest Australian ingredients, ensuring our products are as kind to the environment as they are to you. We're here to help you develop a good sleep routine, improve sleep quality, and relieve anxiety, helping you to fall asleep faster.

Not only do we offer natural sleep remedies, but we also provide a complementary and integrative health service, sharing tips and tricks through our Sleep for Success challenge.

Whether you just have trouble sleeping, treating insomnia, or any other sleep disorders, we're here to help you gain good sleep hygiene.

Join us on a journey to better nights and brighter days, where quality sleep is just the beginning.

We Are Australian

The Sleep Boss is based in Melbourne. Our products are proudly made in Australia.

Vegan and Conscious

Our products and casing are biodegradable, recyclable, returnable and never tested on animals.

100% Plant Based

We care about your skin and the planet - so we don't use any chemicals or preservatives.

The Key to Blissful Sleep is Here

Sleep isn't just a necessity - it's the foundation of our well-being and clarity of mind.

That's why at The Sleep Boss, we're committed to providing you with the necessary tools to establish a rejuvenating sleep routine.

Our carefully curated range of aromatherapy, sleep teas, and other natural sleep aids are designed to promote good quality sleep, aligning with your body's natural rhythms for rest and recovery.

Let's make each night feel like a dream come true.

Explore our selection today to find the perfect companion for your nightly rest.

If you have any questions, contact us today — your journey to blissful sleep starts with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our products unique?
Our products are crafted with the highest quality, 100% plant-based Australian ingredients, ensuring they are as gentle on the environment as they are on your skin. We prioritise your health and the planet’s well-being, offering biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable solutions to enhance your sleep quality.
How do we contribute to sustainability?
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our products and packaging are designed to minimise environmental impact, utilising recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials. We also support eco-conscious charities, dedicating a portion of our sales to the Australian Conservation Foundation in support of environmental initiatives.
Can I participate in The Giving Back Program?
Absolutely! By purchasing our products, you’re not just improving your sleep - you’re contributing to a larger cause. As we've mentioned, a portion of every purchase goes towards our Giving Back Program, supporting charities focused on homelessness, mental health research, and environmental conservation. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Customer Reviews

Happy customers, happy us! Check out what our customers have to say below.

The trio of rollers look, feel, and SMELL beautiful! My favourite is ‘Sleep’ so far, but all three oils feel really light on the skin and the customized bamboo packaging looks really cute on my bedside table :) I use my Sleep roller every night.



“HELP” I’m addicted to sleep tea. Going through a season in my life that was unexpected so my sleep pattern was lite. I how have a cup most nights and I know the difference, it helps with such a deep sleep when the alarm wakes me, I know my body and mind have had that time to just switch off.Good stuff. Addicted



I love The Sleep Boss, the sustainability values and the range is beautiful. You can really feel the quality of the products! Has truly made a change in my home’s ambience and I am very grateful for it!



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