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How to use an Essential Oil Roller

Essential Oil Rollers have become popular recently and are a convenient way to take your choice of essential oils and essential oil blends with you anywhere on the go.

You can use an essential oil roller bottle almost anywhere on your body that feels good for you, however, there are key meridian points on your body that will benefit you the most. Meridians are known as paths through which the life-energy is known as qi flows.[1]. Pulse points are considered some of these.

The smooth and cool stainless steel roller can provide tension relief and may be the best benefit when used on pulse points. Pulse points are the parts of your body where your blood is closest to your skin, such as wrists, temples, behind the ears and the nape of the neck.  

Simply roll your essential oil roller with your chosen essential oil blend across the desired spot to apply the blend to that portion of your skin. But some parts of your body are more effective than others at absorbing the healing properties of an essential oil roller blend.



Essential oil rollers are a great way to have as part of your support rituals and can be easily taken with you to work or school.

The Sleep Boss essential oil rollers are infused with our signature blends of Meditation, Mindfulness and Resilience for daytime support and Sleep for your nighttime rituals. When used as part of a daily self-care routine you will find yourself remaining grounded and present during the day and supported for your restorative sleep. Our rollers are encased in a natural bamboo casing so that they don't break in your handbag or car (a common problem with glass bottles).

When used in combination with essential oil blends, rituals will help you take control of emotions and issues that may cause stress and anxiety throughout the day so that you have been able to manage and resolve or let go of the outcomes and can sleep peacefully at night.

Refillable Sleep Essential Oil Rollers are a convenient way to carry your preferred essential oils and essential oil blends with you wherever you go. They have recently gained in popularity. There are specific meridian points on your body that will benefit you the most, though you can use an essential oil roller bottle almost anywhere that feels good for you. When used on pulse points, the stainless steel rollers help to release tension which may be one of its greatest benefits. The wrists, temples, area behind the ears and nape of the neck are examples of places on the body where the blood is closest to the skin and considered to be pulse points.


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