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Having established itself as more than a trend and now an integral part of society, yoga is a way of life. Originating from India, it is a spiritual, mental and physical practice that encompass many different forms. Circling back to what we love at Sleep Boss, we found that research also links consistent yoga practices with improvement for those that suffer insomnia (National Sleep Foundation 2020). The meditative elements to yoga, coupled with the physical components, lead to a healthier, happier wellbeing and greater quality of sleep. Now, with technology robustly expanding, anyone can make the time to participate in yoga with what we’ve decided are four of the best free yoga apps.


Yoga for Beginners:

Yoga for Beginners is perhaps one of the only yoga apps that provides all free content to users, from all different skill levels. Each section has their own purpose, from bedtime yoga, fat burner, flexible flow, inner peace, yoga for back, and the list goes on. Through these sections you are able to choose from 12-19 different exercises and then watch an in-depth video that guides you through the specific pose. There is also a written guide that accompanies each video. Once you select the type of exercise you want and watch the optional videos, the app generates the class, and with some peaceful background music and a guided voiceover, you can begin your simplified journey to becoming a skilled yogi.

Download IOS and Android


Daily Yoga:

Daily Yoga stood out to us with its sleek outline and a decent amount of free content. Often apps that you download for free have one or two exercise options and then you’re restricted unless you pay for premium. With Daily Yoga, there are restrictions, but the free content consists of different workout levels, multiple yoga sessions, yoga using props, yoga for a full-body workout, and much more. There are schedules attached to each yoga session that allows you to see what poses you’re being taught and what benefits the yoga provides. All in all, Daily Yoga has enough free content to ease you into the flow of yoga practices and much more.

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Simply Yoga:

A slightly chunkier app to use, Simply Yoga appears to have minimal content, however, once you jump into either the ‘pre-set routines’ or ‘streaming videos’ section, you’ll find an array of guided yoga exercises and detailed YouTube videos. Choose from beginner yoga videos to yoga for hamstrings or lower back and core yoga, while also switching it up with a 20, 30 or 40-minute guided yoga session. You’ll learn all there is to know about specific poses while getting into the flow of yoga as a collective daily practice. 

Download IOS and Android


Down Dog:

Down Dog is a crowd favourite with at-home yogi students. When you open the app, you can choose what type of yoga you want to practice, the level, how long you’d like it to go for, adjust video settings like the voice or music, and ultimately customise a yoga experience made just for you.  With a wonderful ethos and yoga classes to keep you busy, Down Dog sits high on our list of free yoga apps to download.

Download IOS and Android


Now you’re ready to flaunt your new yoga skills and become a healthier version of yourself. With what we believe to be four of the best free yoga apps available on the market, there is no better time to practice yoga, feel the flow of a new lifestyle blooming and consciously contribute to a deeper sleep for your body, mind and soul.

We recomend using your meditation essential oil rollers, create your yoga space and add some drops of our meditation essential oil to your diffuser. Prioritise sleep, share the peace, and watch your positivity grow. 


SleepFoundation, 2020. The Connection Between Yoga and Better Sleep. [online] View Full Article [Accessed 20 April 2020].

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