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This article was first published in Slow Journal Issue 13 


The genesis of The Sleep Boss arose from an arduous journey marked by profound loss, trauma, and grief. From 2009 to 2017, The Sleep Boss Founder Rachael, was met with a series of life changing events including health related issues and loss of loved ones which severely comprised her ability to access the sleep her body and mind needed in order to heal and maintain a state of equilibrium.

“Throughout these years, sleep eluded me, burnout was my badge. Doctors' prescriptions only offered mind-numbing drugs that incapacitated rather than assisted in functioning.

Realising the urgent need for a turnaround, my transformative journey with sleep commenced. Since 2017, I've delved into holistic stress reduction methods and dedicated myself to finding natural, effective sleep solutions and sharing this with my community.” says Rachael.

In a nutshell, what is The Sleep Boss?

“At The Sleep Boss, we offer a luxury collection of natural products dedicated to help you relax and sleep better. Proudly made in Australia, our range features refillable and reusable bamboo casings, combining beauty with sustainability.”

Why is quality sleep so important for us?

“In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to treat sleep as a negotiable luxury rather than a non-negotiable necessity. However, sleep isn't just a biological requirement; it's the cornerstone of your physical and mental well-being.

Sleep Boss essential Oil Roller with Silver sleep buddha

Here's why making time for sleep is of utmost importance.

Restorative Power: During sleep, your body and mind undergo vital restorative processes. Sleep is when your brain consolidates memories, repairs tissues, and regulates hormones.

Energy and Productivity: Quality sleep directly correlates with your daytime energy levels and productivity. When you prioritize sleep, you'll find that you're more alert, focused, and efficient.

Emotional Well-Being: Sleep plays a significant role in emotional regulation. Adequate sleep enhances your ability to manage stress, cope with challenges, and maintain a positive outlook. The quality of one's sleep significantly influences the risk of experiencing burnout.”

The Sleep Boss Sleep for Success Challenge

Tell us about your new Sleep for Success 7 Day Challenge?

“The Sleep for Success 7-Day Challenge is a meticulously crafted mini-course that guides you through the journey of establishing your personalised wellness and sleep routine. The series is complemented by an exquisite online journal, which is also available for printing if you prefer handwritten entries.”

Start your own journey to better sleep with The Sleep Boss' Signature Sleep Oil: A Dreamy Journey to Deep Slumber.


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