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10 Steps to Inner Peace

Often we breeze through life, constantly forgetting what it feels like to slow down and smell the roses. Well, now more than ever we must find the time to unwind and really learn what self-care is about. Below is a short self-care checklist of 10 steps to a more peaceful you.


1 - Practice Yoga or Meditation

Give yourself time to practice yoga or meditation for a minimum of ten minutes a day. With plenty of free yoga apps for beginners or advanced yogi’s, to free meditation apps that re-focus your mind, practicing either of these will create a more balanced lifestyle.


2 - Go Outside

Taking a moment to walk outside, sit on the grass, feel the sun on your skin and absorb your surroundings is really beneficial for clearing your mind and remembering how peaceful the world can be.


3 - Run a Warm Bath

Studies show that running a warm bath can lead to a more regulated sleep cycle. Try using a diffuser with a relaxing oil and bath soaks to make the experience more relaxing.


4 - Read a Book

The simple action of reading a book is a great way to relax, unwind and be transported to another world for a little while. Studies also show that reading for a minimum of six minutes, can decrease stress up to 68%. This is a big one to add to your self-care routine.


5 - Take a Walk

It’s no surprise that exercise helps boost positive endorphins, improve your sleep quality and keep your body healthy. Just a 30 minute walk a day can have invaluable benefits.


6 - Regulate your Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule does wonders for your overall productivity, wellbeing, and health. Getting a minimum amount of eight hours each night, while trying to rise and fall asleep at similar times, produces a long list of benefits.


7 - Cook Your Favourite Meal at Home

Something as simple as cooking your favourite meal, can provide comfort when you’re feeling slightly out of sorts. Food, coupled with the action of cooking it, makes you feel productive too.


8 - Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is very important for your overall functionality. Try to drink a minimum of two litres a day, and watch how quickly your energy levels (and bathroom breaks) increase.


9 - Diffuse Essential Oils

Using essential oil diffuser with our signature blends in any room is a sure-fire way to calm the senses, create the right ambience and bring forward a peaceful environment.



10 - Do Some Gardening

Put on a pair of gardening gloves, play some relaxing music and let the therapeutic action of gardening create some peace in your life (and order in your backyard).

There's plenty more ways to show some self-love, but our self-care checklist are some important ones to get you started. Remember life is a process and on the days where you're not feeling quite right, be kind to yourself.


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