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Have you hopped on the podcast bandwagon yet?

We certainly have – and with good reason. In a global climate bursting with information and platforms to consume news and media, it’s hard to discern which places are the most resourceful. Now that we’ve got the Instagram’s and Twitter’s of the world, it often feels like we don’t need anywhere else to get news, facts and info. Well, that’s where podcasts come in. A medium that works as effortlessly as listening to music on your radio or phone, podcasts are an intimate spoken word platform that you can customise and enjoy anywhere. The information found in podcasts is extremely vast and encompasses many different genres and source materials. We’re all about mental wellness and how that impacts upon your sleep, so we researched different podcasts and found three mental wellness podcasts designed to improve your overall wellbeing and lifestyle.


Thrive 5

Created by Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global

Taking the world by storm right now and empowering others with her own experiences, Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global have their very own Thrive 5 podcast. Originally hosted by Ariana Huffington herself, the show is now looked after by Thrive’s Clarice Metzger. Each week the podcast interviews world leaders, celebrities, mental health experts and influencers to discuss the importance of prioritising well-being over burnout behaviour. This podcast inspires you to put yourself and your sanity above societal pressures to overwork, while giving insightful tips and tools to thrive every day.

Listen and browse all episodes HERE.


Radio Headspace

Created by Headspace Studios

A podcast that provides short bursts of uplifting information within 4-10 minutes, Radio headspace is perfect for the easily distracted or busy listener. Hosted by Andy Puddicombe every weekday morning, Radio Headspace provides a momentary break from overthinking and outside noise. With meaningful reflections on what makes us human and how we can best fulfil our potential, this podcast is a wonderful source for your mental wellness and overall wellbeing.

Listen and browse all episodes HERE.


Gift Sets The Sleep Boss


Being Well

Created by Black Dog Institute

Another Australian owned organisation doing wonders for mental health, the Being Well podcast by Black Dog Institute is invaluable. Taking a slightly different angle for their content, this podcast includes personal accounts and experiences from ordinary people who have overcome their own mental health struggles. You’ll find interviews with doctors, footballers, authors and social workers all detailing their unique experiences and providing inspirational stories to lift your spirits.  

Listen and browse all episodes HERE.

Give each podcast we’ve suggested a listen and see which one you resonate with most. This is only a tiny selection of what’s out there, but we hope you gain some inspiration from one of these podcasts.

Wellness Hub

Our Wellness Hub is a place to find wellness and mental health resources, yoga studios, meditation leaders and practitioners. We will continue to update these resources for you as we find the best to help you find your own unique way to Sleep Deep and Sleep Well. Sign Up Here


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