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Now, more than ever is the time to work on a healthy sleep routine that leaves you well-rested, energised and motivated. With technology at an all-time high, you won’t be surprised that there’s an extensive range of free sleep apps, designed specifically to help you sleep. The problem is, how do you distinguish which ones are helpful, resourceful and unrestricted – for free? Well, we researched and trialled a variety of sleep apps and came up with a shortlist of three free sleep apps that are all you need, and more. Drift off to a soundscape or meditation by downloading one of these three apps today, and make those sweet dreams a reality.


Insight Timer:

With the largest library of free content, Insight Timer is our favourite sleep app. The app itself has so many unlocked features, from thousands of sleep meditations, music, soundscapes, bedtime stories, podcasts and sleep for kids, you really won’t have trouble finding something that works for you. Spanning 40,000 free titles to meditate and sleep to, 5k + teachers to guide you to sleep and mindfulness practices to peruse, Insight Timer has everything to lull you into a deep sleep in no time.

Download it for IOS  or Android



Already recognised as leading support in aiding mental health, Headspace has created an app that provides great sleep practices. The access granted on the free version of this app is somewhat restricted, but still vast. From sleep casts, soothing music, soundscapes, wind downs that focus on your breathing, and a night-time SOS section to help you get back to sleep if you wake, Headspace definitely provides effective tools for a night of deep sleep. Visualise a better sleep pattern, calm your mind, and experience all that this free sleep app has to offer.

Download it for IOS or Android



Coming in at three, Pzizz flew a bit under our radar but stood out once we realised how resourceful it was. The layout of the app seems very simple, but once you get into the settings you can customise your sleep routine and get very specific. From selecting your own dreamscape with the option of a guided narrative (male or female), to choosing when your music or voice fades out and waking up to the built-in alarm, the features are very interactive. You can upgrade for full access, but truthfully, the options provided in the free version are already perfect for guaranteeing a wonderful night’s sleep.

Download it for IOS or Android

There you have it. If you’re finding it hard to sleep, want a reliable and safe sleep app that’s customisable to your sleep preferences, AND free to download with barely any restrictions on content, look no further. These three apps are just for you and are easily transferable across IOS and Android. Begin your journey today to sleep deep, sleep well. 

Whichever app you choose, you'll find each one unique and we hope you'll find one just right for you. Settle in, add some sleep drops to your ultrasonic diffuser, use your sleep essential oil roller and drift off to your chosen sounds. Bliss!


Written by Shaye Milford.

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