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How can you create a wellness workplace?

Do we need to adapt our workplace and workspaces for the new normal?

Let’s face it, after a long time spent working from home during the COVID19 pandemic, not everyone is keen to return to work in a dull workplace office environment that is brimming with contact points and void of any real workplace wellness.

You may soon have to sacrifice your work from home comforts, change out of the pyjamas or comfort wear you so cherished all day and actually leave the comfy confines of your bedroom, kitchen bench or dining table workplace.

Not so appealing is it?

Well, if you have to make this sacrifice...


You really want a better workspace!

Rightfully so! We've heard many stories of incredible changes where employees are working harder and longer than ever throughout these difficult times. Studies show the average hours during the global pandemic stretched to over 50 hours per week... and it has all been done from home. Do we really need to be at the office? Do we have to go back to the commute and workplace hustle?

So, this got us thinking about how we can help you return to the workplace and feel like you never left home. What will your space look like and how can you manage and enhance your micro-climate? Let us help you design the perfect micro environment at your own desk. So we thought about your workplace and your workspace and what that means to you.


Workspace Aromatherapy

First off, aromatherapy is one of the most important elements in creating a working environment that is calm and relaxing. Aromatherapy has been widely used for years as a holistic wellness treatment that utilises the extracts of natural herbs and plants to promote a greater sense of wellbeing and health. The earth provides many incredible natural remedies.

Essential oils are the most used form of aromatherapy and have a long list of known health benefits. For instance, if you’re going back to the workplace in January 2021 then the likelihood of shared touch-spaces is high.  Pure essential oils with singular elements such as lavender or tee tree oil are widely known to have anti-microbial properties that help keep invisible bugs at arm’s length. Other beneficial essential oils include mindfulness or meditation blends, which combine natural complementary elements to help you focus.



Are you wondering how you can make your workspace better?

Well, we’ve designed a workspace wellness solution for you.

What is an Ultrasonic Diffuser?

An Ultrasonic diffuser is a quiet electronic device that uses ultrasonic vibration to disperse pure essential oils into the airspace to enhance your micro space at your desk. Ultrasonic diffusers do not heat oils and therefore they retain their original pure properties. A fine mist is emitted from the unit, this differs from a humidifier which produces moisture.

For a diffuser, all you need is a power-point, water and your favourite pure essential oil blends. These combined elements bring to the immediate workspace not only proximity air filtration but also positive sensory effects which improve your overall physical and emotional wellbeing through visual and spatial mediums. A perfect addition to your workspace.

Often scents are associated with different places, moments or feelings, so why not create a workspace that might smell a little reminiscent of calm mornings at home or moments spent practicing mindfulness - without the traffic!


Workspace Textures

Admittedly, sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day isn’t exactly inspiring. If you’re like us, you might find yourself getting distracted, daydreaming out the window or fidgeting with the closest things on your desk.

We recommend including some textures in your workspace. What type of textures did you ask? Well, it could be as simple as a squishy ball that you can squeeze while internally venting about your colleague’s obnoxious music. Alternatively, you could invest in one of our bamboo rollers that we’ve specially designed as a product you can use anywhere, at any time and with little disruption to your day. Our rollers are blended with organic aloe vera and argan oil, then infused with pure organic lavender. Lavender is known to calm the senses and soothe the mind. Blending pure organic argan oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oil together means you can safely use the roller on your skin. Our organic ingredients are also safe to use on your temples, wrists, behind your ears and neck to impart the perfect scent for resilience and focus. 

The aromatherapy components mixed with the sensory feel of our refillable bamboo roller provide a perfect pocket-sized tool to bring you calmness. If you need a bit of comfort incorporate a soft, fluffy throw or jumper into your desk necessities. Workspace wellness is so achievable that even your worn hoodie makes the cut! 


Workspace Personalisation

We believe the perfect workspace is made through personalisation.

Creating a unique environment that suits you, creates comfort in your immediate spatial environment and helps you feel content while working. An important element to your workspace may be an indoor desk plant. The tranquillity found in nurturing your own plant and adding colour to your desk adds a little mindfulness.

Plus, certain plants can also help with air filtration. We also recommend bringing personal things like pictures of your fur families and your favourite mug into the workplace.

Click here for more information on creating your place of peace.


Sleep Wellness

Last but not least, we believe sleep is the cornerstone of wellness. When you sleep well, you attain higher levels of personal and professional clarity and productivity. Our sets include our signature Sleep Tea. Valuing your sleep time must be part of any daily wellness routine. Prioritise your wellbeing with our sleep focussed program to achieve your purpose daily and be mindful at home and work.

Returning to the workplace doesn’t have to be doused in anxiety and discomfort if you’re strategic and incorporate even a couple of our recommended elements. Soothe your senses, avoid distraction through textures, personalise your space and prioritise sleep to enhance overall corporate wellness and productivity in the workplace.

Make your workspace a happy place!

Here's a little more research on the importance of sleep; is it your superpower?

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