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Picture this, you've just had a long chaotic day and each fibre of your being aches for relief. Well, look no further because The Sleep Boss has an indulgent care pack designed just for you. Perfect for team care packs, work from home gift packs, Christmas Gifts and to give family and friends for any occasion.

Nothing beats the simple comfort of slipping into an aromatic bath scented with essential oils and bath salts to soak away stress. Essential oils are extremely effective in calming the muscles and nerves. When massaged onto the body or inhaled via a diffuser or oil burner, the enchanting aromas relax nerves, release stress and encourage a sound sleep.

With Bath Soaks stocked at home, you no longer need to trek to the spa for a rejuvenating bath experience. And even though we can't go to the spa right now, you can bring the spa to your own home!



Just fill the bathtub with hot water, light a soothing candle, brew yourself a cup of relaxing Sleep Boss tea, play some music, sprinkle a few droplets of aromatic oils or add a scoop of Bath Soaks. You've created a moment of peace and pure bliss.

Life is always a little more fun when shared with someone, so make the evening a bit more romantic by inviting your special person into the tub.

The restorative power of aromatherapy is transformative, therapeutic and addictive. Once you get hooked, there's no going back. The sensuous comfort of a warm bath combined with fragrant oils and the right ambience can take you to another realm. One where the world and all its problems are simply washed away. Facts don't lie; aromatherapy really does relax tense muscles and aching nerves, softens skin, opens pores and aids deep sleep.

To create your own aromatherapy experience, The Sleep Boss has crafted luxurious gift packs for all occasions including Christmas Gifts, Birthday gift, gifts for men and women of all ages. Each gift pack contains quality products that have been hand-picked and sustainably sourced with the best aromas, tea and soaks just for you. Now you can pamper yourself from home in the comfort of your new fragrant oasis.


Team Care Packs


Our care packs are hand picked and packaged to your needs. We can deliver directly to yourself, your friends and family or team members for you via Australia Post so you don’t need to worry about shopping or postage. Leave that all to us.

If you’d like to organise group staff care packs for your work from home or remote teams please contact us for group pricing and specials.

We are continually improving our range and would love to help you create something special for your teams.

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