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The secret to sleep

Small changes go a long way to helping people attain better quality sleep.

The promise of a good nights sleep is the holy grail

If you're like most people, chances are you may have occasional problems attaining a good nights sleep. Unfortunately for some, the elusiveness of sleep can be a more of an ongoing or chronic problem.



Here are 5 simple things you can to get a better night's sleep.

1. Remove the Tech from the B-Room

Consider making your bedroom a tech-free zone, so you associate the room with relaxation and sleep not catching up on memes.

Charge your phones, tablets, and laptops elsewhere, since the very presence of these items can distract you from your purpose - that being sleep.

You may even want to go the extra mile and remove the tv from your bedroom, or keep it covered behind closed doors.

2. Feathers, Coils, Foam, or Gel?

A good quality mattress is one of those things you may want to invest in if sleep has become an issue for you. A mattress that lacks adequate support or comfort can cause all sorts of stressors to various parts of your body ultimately affecting your mind.

Try out different mattresses and ask for advice from friends and practitioners to find out what type of mattress is best for your age, sleeping style, and body type. If you feel that a certain quality mattress is slightly out of your price range, many furniture stores offer payment plans.

3. Regular Exercise

Perhaps part of the reason you're unable to sleep is because you may need more exercise during the day. Regular exercise can decrease stress levels, and physical activity will strengthen your circadian rhythm, the core purpose of which is to promote sleep at night. If you're not the active type, consider a daily walk or ride. Even a stroll to the end of the street.

4. Stimulation

Hobbies are known to release stress and provide mental stimulation. If you're lying in bed and counting the payment notices instead of the sheep, consider picking up a hobby, or rekindling your interest in a something you once loved. This will help to shift your mindset to something else other than work. Alternatively, if you have so much going on you cant settle, you may be over-stimulated, and need to cut back or reschedule events, saying no is okay too. Protect your time. It is limited.

5. Bedtime Routine
Create a ritual around bed time, almost like what you would do with a young child. Find activities that help you find calmness, such as taking a shower, meditating, preparing for your next day so it doesn't cause overthinking, making a cup of chamomile tea or  Sleep Tea, drawing, listening to music or reading. Start your routine at a predictable time every night (as often as possible) so you can actually train your body to get into a strong and consistent circadian cycle, ready for sleep.

There are times when you need a bit of professional help. Head over here to find local and international resources. 



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