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The Sleep Boss unveils its new “Casing Take Back Program” in its war against plastic waste.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 30th May 2022

The Sleep Boss announced that its bamboo casing products are now approved to recycle in TerraCycle’s Zero Waste box system.

“This means we can launch our Casing Take-Back Program and manage our bamboo casings from inception to end of life cycle,” says CEO Rachael Coupe, adding “we offer a discount to our customers when they participate.”

“Combined with our newest packaging shift by replacing the plastic protection in our essential oil diffusers with a non-toxic, water-soluble, corn-based casing means we’ve made two massive steps forward this month in our plastic reduction program,” says Rachael


The Hard (Plastic) Truth

The global self-care industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year. [1]

95% of it is thrown out after just one use, and less than 12% of plastic gets recycled. That’s an awful lot of landfill. [2]

It’s estimated that by the middle of this century the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.[3]

We aim to combat waste by continuously improving our product and packaging to minimise our waste and our impact.

The Sleep Boss is the new, sustainable essential oil range available with refills and made with 100% natural Australian Made blends. Our bold aim is to reduce the single-use plastic waste in the personal and self-care industry by creating the most beautiful range of reusable casings that you WANT to have in your home. Our products are designed to be refilled and reused until recycled when you return them via our zero-waste program.

Media Contact:

Rachael Coupe

CEO- Founder







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