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Vegan Gifts

Vegan Gifts


Explore our best Vegan Birthday gifts Made in Melbourne by 

The Sleep Boss

We deliver bespoke and unique vegan birthday gifts for him or for her. We have a selected range of vegan gift boxes that you can gift your loved ones. Our vegan birthday gifts and sets and hampers are available for delivery Australia-wide.

Perfect Vegan Birthday Gifts Melbourne


Best Vegan Gift sets Melbourne


Our products are Cruelty Free, Australian Made, Vegan, and Certified Pure. We choose only the most sustainable recyclable, biodegradable or compostable products and packaging. Our products are made with naturalorganic and certified organic ingredients.

Discover a world of luxurious, vegan-friendly products at The Sleep Boss that are designed to enhance your sleep rituals without compromising your values.

Our cruelty-free, organic offerings not only promote a restful night's sleep but also align with your commitment to ethical and sustainable living. Delve into our collection of sleep-enhancing products that are gentle on the environment, kind to animals, and perfect for your home.

Discover the Ultimate Vegan-Friendly Sleep Experience

At The Sleep Boss, we've meticulously curated a range of vegan-friendly sleep products, ensuring that they're entirely free of animal-derived ingredients or byproducts. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a restful night's sleep, and our extensive selection caters to those who uphold a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Luxury

We take pride in offering vegan alternatives that never compromise on quality or luxury. Our team at The Sleep Boss is dedicated to researching and sourcing the finest plant-based materials and ingredients, ensuring that our vegan products stand toe-to-toe with their non-vegan counterparts. As a result, you can indulge in our sleep-enhancing offerings with the confidence that you're choosing ethical, sustainable products without sacrificing the quality you deserve

Explore our vegan-friendly collection today and discover the perfect sleep companions that align with your values.

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A Dedication to Cruelty-Free Product Creation

We believe that promoting a restful sleep experience should not come at the expense of animal welfare, and we work tirelessly to maintain our cruelty-free ethos throughout our entire product range.

We take immense pride in our compliance with PETA standards, ensuring a conscious approach to product development. By adhering to these rigorous guidelines, we guarantee that our sleep-enhancing offerings are created with the utmost care for animals, the environment, and our customers. By choosing The Sleep Boss products, you're not only investing in a better night's sleep but also supporting a brand that values ethical and responsible production practices.


The trio of rollers look, feel, and SMELL beautiful! My favourite is ‘Sleep’ so far, but all three oils feel really light on the skin and the customized bamboo packaging looks really cute on my bedside table :) I use my Sleep roller every night.



“HELP” I’m addicted to sleep tea. Going through a season in my life that was unexpected so my sleep pattern was lite. I how have a cup most nights and I know the difference, it helps with such a deep sleep when the alarm wakes me, I know my body and mind have had that time to just switch off.Good stuff. Addicted



I love The Sleep Boss, the sustainability values and the range is beautiful. You can really feel the quality of the products! Has truly made a change in my home’s ambience and I am very grateful for it!



Ann Sm

Organic Ingredients for a Healthier Sleep

Our carefully selected organic ingredients, including essential oils, botanical extracts, and natural fibers, ensure a healthier and more restorative sleep. By choosing our organic products, you'll enjoy the benefits of reduced exposure to harmful chemicals and an enhanced sleep quality, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Create the Ultimate Sleep Ritual

Discover the art of crafting personalised sleep rituals by combining our vegan-friendly and organic products. To dive deeper into creating your ideal nighttime routine, visit our Wellness Hub, where we offer comprehensive suggestions and ideas for incorporating the best of our Sleep Boss products.

Create your Sleep Ritual

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Embrace a mindful approach to sleep by selecting products that align with your values, and experience the profound impact of ethical and sustainable choices on your rest and relaxation.