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Luxury Gifts

Luxury Gifts

Whatever the occasion, give bespoke gifts by choosing from our selection of the best luxury gift sets including essential oils, natural essential oils for diffuser, bath and body, and wellness teas.

Here is what you need to attain the right state for meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or sleep practice.

Our luxurious birthday gift boxes allow the mind to stay focused while meditating with this beautiful luxury gift set. Here is what you get in our biodegradable gift box.

  • High-quality ceramic essential oil diffuser (160ml)  
  • Essential oil roller (10ml)
  • Pure and organic essential oil blend (15ml)
  • Essential oil roller refill (30ml)
  • Relax bath salts

The stunning best luxury set makes for a zero waste gift that can streamline one’s thinking process to feel grounded and calm. It is the best way to instantly purify not only your meditation room or yoga studio but also your home.

Luxury Gift Sets

These best luxury gifts in Australia gifts are premium quality to help you unwind and enjoy peace of mind about your purchase. Perfect for self-care, the uniquely designed gift set can uplift your mood in no time.

Designed by artisan aromatherapists in Melbourne, the essential oil blends from organic ingredients are a perfect mélange of pure ingredients to boost the feel and atmosphere. Bid farewell to stress, fatigue, and feelings of burnout with our sustainable zero waste gifts.   

    Why Choose Luxury Gifts

    We understand the importance of mental peace and calmness!

    We have developed this exquisite best luxury birthday gifts offering for Valentines Day Gifts, luxe corporate gift or birthday gifts as an ultimate solution to release stress and fatigue. Ideal for any any occasion, this luxury set is all you need to leave your loved ones awestruck. Help your friends and family calm their minds so they can make the most of their meditation sessions. 

      Why Choose our Luxury Gift sets

      100 percent natural and premium quality are the two key attributes that make these ethical gifts stand out. Offering calmness and tranquility of mind is what we aim for.

      Treating your loved ones with the best luxury gifts Australia shows how much you value wellness. The gift items are the perfect way to “Relax and Recharge” and escape the stress of a tiring routine. The sustainable luxury gift items allow your loved ones to enter a state of mindfulness as they practice yoga or meditate.

      Unwind after a long, hectic day with this quintessentially beautiful luxury gift box.


      The Sleep Boss is committed to ethically sourced and sustainable products. We choose only the most sustainable recyclable, biodegradable or compostable products and packaging. Our products are made with natural, organic and certified organic ingredients. Make more conscious choices.

      Fill your homes with things that make a difference - to our lives and our wonderful earth. 

      Discover beautiful, curated products for your home. Here is where sustainable, ethical shoppers and lifestyle meet.


      For a truly bespoke Personal or Corporate gifting service contact us to build your own unique gift for your loved ones.