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At The Sleep Boss we make your purchase planet-friendly. We love the earth and want to leave as small a footprint as possible when it comes to waste. That's why we started with our sustainability goals. It’s our philosophy that each of our products must be re-usable, recyclable and sustainably produced. That’s why we've thoughtfully designed beautiful packaging that has a minimal environmental impact – and looks great.


The Hard (Plastic) Truth

The global self-care industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year. 95% of it is thrown out after just one use, and only 14% of plastic gets recycled. That’s an awful lot of landfill. It’s estimated that by the middle of this century the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.


Our Packaging, Unpacked

When it comes to self-care packaging, we noticed a trend for throwaway cardboard boxes for single-use plastic items. This inspired us to reverse-engineer the problem by starting with how to minimise our packaging. We want our customers to cherish our products, that’s why we designed gorgeously tactile packaging in natural bamboo that can be refilled and reused. Carefully protected in smooth bamboo, our products come in an elegantly designed casing that’s one of a kind. Each item is totally unique and can be personalised with a name to make it extra special.


We Worked Backwards – to Move Forwards

To most brands, postage and packing is an afterthought. For us, it’s where we started. When we conceived The Sleep Boss our focus was entirely guided by how we can reduce waste. We carefully researched sustainable alternatives and chose biodegradable cling wrap, corn-starch padding buds, compostable mailer bags and shredded and recycled paper products to post our beautiful, already-protected bamboo-encased products.


The Four Foundations of Our Sustainable Ethos

Fewer Products

We purposely keep our range of products limited to sell only what we feel is necessary.

Refillable Options

Some of our products can be refilled then reused time after time.


By being able to personalise our products with a name, it turns them into a treasured keepsake to hold on to.

Less Waste

Both our product and postage packaging are designed with limiting waste in mind.


Our Ultimate Green Goal

Our mission is to encourage our customers to consider the footprint of the products they consume. In the last few years, single-use food packaging and waste has become taboo, and we want the same to happen for the self-care industry too. “I would love for self-care product waste to be frowned upon the same way as food packaging,” explains Rachael Coupe, CEO of The Sleep Boss. “If we can reduce the number of unused or incompatible products and unnecessary packaging being thrown away, it will really help the environment.”

We take a holistic, 360 degree approach at The Sleep Boss. From the products to our processes, every aspect is centered on sustainability, by finding a way for them to be refilled, reused, recycled, or re-loved.

We continue to work towards our goals, we are not 100% there yet but we strive for greater reach every day.

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